Anonymous said:
would you mind doing an outfit for a sweet 16 birthday, preferably with jeans please? Thank you xx

Of course! :) Sounds lovely! Sorry if it took a little while, I’ve been super busy! I’ll post one for you right now. x


so i really like this blog , like a lot. i finally found the perfect blog i love you guysss

Aww thanks, we try our best! That really means a lot to us! :) xxx

Philadelphia - 8/13

Philadelphia - 8/13

Anonymous said:
you can post the photo of an outfit for the first day of school? Thank you c:

Sure thing! :) That is a great request to do btw since it is coming up so soon! I will post one for you in a sec. x


Anonymous said:
could you please do an outfit for an eighteenth party? thanks!

Of course! :) I’ll post one for you right now. x



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